GB Ultimate- Team manager announcements

UKU is pleased to announce the following appointments to the various GB Ultimate teams that will compete in 2011-12.

GB Masters 2011-12

GB Masters at EUC 2011 and WUC 2012 will be organised and led by the group: Ben Mitchell, Stu Mitchell and Si Hill.

Beach Ultimate for WCBU 2011:

  • Women: Bex Forth
  • Mixed: Dave Tyler and James Freeman
  • Mixed Masters: Lucy Byrne
  • Masters: Steve Giguere

So far there have been no applications for Open or Grandmasters and we would like to encourage applications for Open in particular.The current plan for Grandmasters is that we will review the best approach once it is known how many (and the ages) of the players that apply to try-out for Masters.  So - although we plan and expect to enter a grandmasters team, there seems to be less immediate urgency to fill the position.