Government update to exercise guidelines - 13th May

This week, the UK Government is making changes to guidance relating to exercise and outdoor activity.  Of course these changes do not permit team sports like Ultimate, and there is no indication about how or when that might be possible.  

You will be aware that there are differences between the four home nations.  Our understanding is that in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the recent changes relate only to being allowed to spend more time doing exercise.  In England there are some additional changes, and there is a useful summary on the Sport England website here:


We were one of several sports that raised the question of two individuals from different households sharing equipment and the response is at the end of this Q&A page.  Realistically, it is difficult for two players throwing a disc back and forth to adhere to that advice.  If you do meet an individual from another household to do some disc-based exercise, firstly please ensure that you follow social distancing guidelines maintaining at least a 2m distance from each other and other people.  Our advice is for each person to bring their own disc and have contact with only that disc for the duration of the exercise, focussing on just throwing (and avoiding contact with the other person's disc through catching, or picking it up): practice your pulls, or maybe play some disc golf.  Either way, please take responsibility for sticking to the relevant guidance, and of course, be respectful of other members of the public.  

We have two further comments relating to disc golf:

1. Your UKU membership does provide liability insurance for playing flying disc games other than ultimate - essentially as a form of practice for Ultimate - although this does not extend to formal, organised competition in those other sports.  

2. We asked for some advice from the BDGA as well and they kindly pointed us at this post.  Please take particular note of their comments relating to safety and parks being busier than usual.