Indoors is upon us...

As the Indoor Season will soon be in full swing this seemed like a good time to send out a reminder that in the UK we use specifically adapted indoor ultimate rules for this fast and furious variation of the sport. There are a number of obvious differences when it comes to playing in a sports hall and the Indoor specialists of the UK have learnt from experience that a few tweaks to the usual rules solves a set of problems that are unique to the indoor environment.

All the usual indoor tournament series are planned for 2007-8 and expected to attract more teams than ever before. For the full listings of indoor events go to the UKUA calendar and filter for Indoors.

The UKUA National Indoor Finals will take place on 8-9 March at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. The qualifying rounds are in Manchester and Eastleigh on 26-27 Jan, and Weston on 2-3 Feb. Benji Heywood, UKUA's Indoor Director of Competitions notes that this year's venues are better than ever with the Manchester qualifier taking place "on the very latest uber-astroturf". It will be interesting to see if indoor grass has any impact on the game.