Membership Donations

Why have we introduced this?

Every year some people suggest to us that they would happily pay more for membership to allow us to do more as an organisation. Rather than increase the price of membership for everyone we’ve decided to introduce a donation function to allow people to donate towards UKU projects or causes they are interested in supporting. 

At this point we’re not setting any specific fundraising goals or targets and avoiding overcommitting existing UKU staff time into things such as fundraising updates and engagement. If this initial effort demonstrates that there is significant interest in a fundraising project then we will look to invest more UKU time into setting up and maintaining an engaging fundraising scheme. Potentially donations could make a significant impact on UKU, if each full member donated £5 we could completely pay for the the medical provision of our GB teams this year or allow us to put 2500 discs into over 500 schools.


How does donating work?

People can choose to donate when making a purchase via our new membership website or by going straight to the donation page

We’ve provided options for common causes that people may prefer their donation to go towards but we do understand that some people will want to donate towards specific causes or something not listed. If you’re looking to donate to something specific not listed then thank you, if you get in touch with us directly by emailing we can arrange the donation. 

With all donations we'll do our best to direct them towards the cause specified however should the donations for one cause prove insufficient to make any meaningful impact in that area we'll look to redirect them towards other causes.


Is UK Ultimate a charity?

No.  UK Ultimate is a not-for-profit organisation, but we are not a charity, so you cannot gift-aid a donation.  Historically we have had very little reason to do the work to become a charity and the professional advice we received on this question was that the additional administrative and regulatory burden would likely offset any financial benefits.  It is a question we review from time to time.

The Good Causes:

GB Programme

Playing Ultimate for Great Britain is expensive. We have no reason to think this will change in the near term. Making some simplifications and assumptions, most players spend £1k-£2k a year whilst competing in a GB team (including travel to, and accommodation, at the tournament, but also the cost of training sessions, warm-up tournaments, etc).

Donations to the GB Programme will go towards building up a fund that we use to reduce - and eventually eliminate - certain costs that players currently have to meet when competing for a GB team. If and when we attract commercial sponsors (*) to support GB Ultimate, we will also apply their financial support in a similar way (subject to any specific requirements they may have).

Our first goal is to cover the cost of the medical staff that support the teams during competition; prioritising support roughly equally to the U24, U20 and U17 teams at first. These costs are approximately £1000 per team, although of course all costs associated with GB teams vary depending on the location of the event.  

In 2018 we have 3x U24 teams going to Australia and 2x U20 teams competing in Canada.  Even years generally involve fewer GB teams than odd years.

By contrast, in 2019, we expect to see:

2x U17 at European Youth Ultimate Championships

2x U20 at European Youth Ultimate Championships

3x U24 at WFDF WU24s (the event in Jan 2018 is really the 2017 event!)

3x senior teams at European Ultimate Championships

2 or 3x masters teams at European Ultimate Championships

7 or 8x beach teams at European Championships Beach Ultimate


Over the 4-year cycle 2018-21, medical support for the teams will cost approximately £50k.


(*) Think you know an organisation that may be interested in sponsoring one or more GB teams?  Please get in touch.

UKU Schools and Youth development projects

Funds donated to this cause will be used for either to support the UKU Schools Affiliation programme of providing 5 free discs to each affiliated school or to support the development of a network of regional development hubs that provide an additional opportunity for young players to play regularly.


UKU School Affiliation

UKU School Affiliation has been running for two years.  Schools receive 5 free Discraft discs in return for signing-up, providing a point of contact and some data on the number of people that are playing, or will be playing ultimate at the school.  The numbers are really exciting in fact, and as of October 2017, we had 130+ schools with 17,000 pupils trying ultimate in curriculum time, and over 2,500 playing in extra-curricular activities.

This project has three really simple aims:


  • Build up our contact database with schools that are playing or are interested in playing
  • Gather data on the number of people playing some sort of ultimate in school
  • Put some more discs in those schools


This project is supported primarily by Discraft, who provide us with a number of training-discs each year as part of our partnership. However, we’d like the scheme to keep growing and will need additional funding to make that work.


Regional Development Hubs

We clearly have some major gaps in provision for young people that want to play ultimate:

  • An opportunity to get more involved after an introduction at school
  • Regular practice and games against other similar aged players
  • Pathway into joining a club or even trying out with GB youth squads

All these gaps in playing opportunities are more acute for girls than boys.

To help partially fill some of these gaps we aim to set up some "regional training hubs" where we believe there are enough players to make them viable. With the help of local players and coaches, these hubs will run regular sessions for players between ages of approx 13-19. As more junior clubs grow and meet the regular playing needs of junior players, the regional hubs will transition increasingly into a training and selection pathway to national squads.

To make these successful, we need to book good facilities, provide training and support for organisers and coaches, and invest in raising awareness around each hub.

As with School Affiliation, UKU will be investing in this plan anyway, but with your support we can set up more hubs, move more quickly, and/or provide more support for the people involved.