New WFDF ultimate rules (2007)

From Rue Veitl, WFDF Ultimate Committee Chair:

The new WFDF Ultimate Rules (Version 2007) is finally competed and approved!

[And now available on a single sheet of paper!]

It will be effective on April 1, 2007 for all WFDF sanctioned tournaments. [31 March 07 in the UK - see below.]

We would like to ask all our members to implement these rules as quickly as possible.

For the past year a group of 10-20 players have worked on the revision of the current WFDF Ultimate Rules. Our task is to come to a convergence of the UPA and the WFDF rules to eventually achieve one set of Ultimate Rules worldwide. From now on an updated rule set shall be published every year on January first.

In general there are only few actual rule changes. The focus of this revision was to make current rules more clear, reduce the repetition of rules and create a better format. Most sections have been revised but the end result is the same rules, but stated in a better way. Substantial changes in the document are highlighted by using red letters.

Major changes are:

1. Introduction of a "Callahan" point, when the Defense intercepts a pass from the Offence in the End Zone they are currently scoring in.

2. When the Offense commits an uncontested foul/violation (i.e. travel, thrower fouls marker) the count stays where it was at the time of the foul or comes in on 9, (if the count was at 9 or above) rather than coming in on 6 if the count was at 6 or above.

3. Pick rule has been adjusted a bit to add a distance between the receiver and marker (5 Meters) for when a pick can be called.

4. touched pull that rolls out of bounds comes in at the perimeter line, not the goal line if it goes out the endzone

5. Section Marker Violations have been added.

6. “Technical stoppage” now allowed during stopped play with approval of the offensive team.

As players from all over the world were involved in creating and editing the rules we hope that there will be great acceptance of these new rules. Please encourage your members to learn these new rules.

Comments are welcome as the 2007 Ultimate Rules Committee is already active in discussing further issues to create the 2008 version of the rules.

Now that the rules have been finalized, the Ultimate Rules Committee will work on a set/collection of scenarios and explanations. If you are unclear about a situation, please let me know so that we can explain and add the situation to our collection.


Rue Veitl, WFDF Ultimate Committee Chair


Additional Comments for UKUA members:
1. In the UK the rules will be effective from Sat 31 March (i.e. at Tour 0)
2. Questions/comments from UK players for the Ultimate Rules Committee will be collated by Si Hill - please provide your feedback by emailing