Non-playing support to GB Mixed

The GB Mixed leadership group is looking for non-playing support over the 2019-2020 season. The two major tournaments of this campaign are EUC 2019 in Györ, Hungary, from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July 2019 and WUGC 2020 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, from Saturday 11 to Saturday 18 July 2020.


We are looking to build a team of motivated and hard-working athletes who, through team training sessions and independent work, will come together to play beautiful and spirited mixed Ultimate.

We recognise that it takes a huge amount of time, effort and brain power to manage an Ultimate team, and even more to build a platform for success at a high level. We are therefore looking for non-playing support in a number of key areas, as indicated below. We are aware that there are many talented people in the UK Ultimate community who would not feel confident in, or cannot commit sufficient time and energies to, taking on a “head-coach” role at GB level. We are therefore interested in hearing from people who feel that they can add value in one or more of the areas below, who many consider being involved in a supporting capacity. We are particularly keen to hear from people who have, or are looking to build, experience in working with elite teams in a coaching/strategy capacity.

Key areas/roles

We have identified the below as key areas/roles, where we believe value could be added:

· Training/tournament observers (live and/or retrospective): people who are able to attend and watch, or view via online footage, our training sessions and tournament play to critique the leadership and the team in terms of training methods, game-play, strategy, execution et cetera. In live scenarios, this may include feeding into decisions on tactics/line calling/personnel as appropriate in line with agreed roles and remits

· Athlete-level coaches: people who are able to work with athletes on an individual basis by reviewing and helping to develop specific aspects of their games, inside/outside team trainings as appropriate and feasible

· Training coordinators aka “Master/Mistress of Ceremonies”: leading or supporting elements of training sessions by setting up drills, explaining and running drills (as planned in advance by the leadership), time-keeping through drills and managing drill rotation and progression. Essentially assisting in the minimisation of faff and giving the playing leadership extra head-space to focus on drills as players

· Logistical support: Assisting with booking training venues, coordinating accommodation, travel et cetera around training sessions and tournaments

Or, if you have other ideas about how you may be able to support us, we’d be interested to hear them!


If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to express your interest in such a role, please email us at by COP Thursday 31 January 2019. Please provide a short outline of your Ultimate playing / coaching / leadership / strategy experience, how you might like to help and why you’re interested in applying.


For further information about the leadership group and our plans, please see the link below:


Best wishes,


Ange, Lucy, Sam and Tommo

GBX Leadership Group