Play Ultimate 2021 - Really no weekend tournaments?

With restrictions easing and organised sport being permitted again, we’re aware that you’re all probably waiting to see what Ultimate will look like in 2021… You can find our plans for the coming year HERE, which include major changes to UKU Rankings and Club Nationals. But above all, we just want to encourage people to get back out there, play lots of Ultimate, and help rebuild the sport in their area.


The site includes ideas and reminders on what you can do to PLAY LOCAL - the first page being a hub of resources and links for clubs, schools and unis, and some ideas for getting your regular Ultimate fix.   


There’s also a page that outlines the UKU CHALLENGE LEAGUE, which is a new approach to the UKU Rankings, where all of the games you play can count towards your team’s overall UKU ranking. There are no caveats - just play a game and log your score, we’ll do the rest! 


Lastly, we have published all of the information surrounding the 2021 NATIONAL SERIES. This will be the new competition format that will be used this year to determine the national club champions in each of the 3 divisions (Mixed, Women’s & Open),  as well as who will qualify to WUCC 2022.