Return to Play - Guidance Update - 15th Sept

As per our previous announcements, we confirm that as of Tues 15th Sept we are now in PHASE C of the Phased Return-to-Play.  


Please also see the announcement we published on Friday 11th September, which includes news about University competitions, return to play timetable, Indoor Ultimate, covid officer googlegroup forum, ideas for training sessions; and thanks to our UKU Medical adviser.


There are some relatively minor changes in the final version of Phase C Guidance compared to the draft that we published in August.

  • Noted the Covid-officer training available from sportscotland.
  • Added links to local travel advice.
  • Additional line clarifying that active, normal defending is allowed (except on the thrower) but that players should make adjustments to avoid standing face-to-face within 1m of each other.
Finally, please note we have changed our guidance relating to regions under local restrictions to take account of the fact that in many cases those restrictions still allow organised sport to continue.  Apologies that we made a relatively last minute decision to change this, and so did not provide any advance notice.



Clubs and participants in regions subject to extra local restrictions are responsible for confirming whether "organised sport" is permitted under those local restrictions.  If organised sport is permitted, then clubs in those regions are able to continue operating, i.e. under Phase C guidelines.


  • You will need to carefully check and follow local restrictions that impact your activity getting to, from, and around the club training session: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
  • If in doubt, either as a club, or participant, UKU recommends strongly that you err on the side of caution.