Return to Play Update - 11 Sept

There are quite a number of headlines in this update, but it seemed like a good moment to pull these things together in a single announcement.  Please read all of it.  We think there is information here for everyone.

  • University competitions
  • Return to play timetable
  • Indoors
  • Covid Officer googlegroup forum
  • Ideas for training sessions
  • Thanks to UKU Medical adviser




BUCS is setting up a TERM ONE team competition format that will enable some outdoor competitive play Oct-Dec.  

  • We have confirmed with BUCS that our plans for moving to Phase D *are* compatible with the fixture window for this Term One competition.   
  • Entry is OPEN NOW and closing date is Friday 18th Sept.  Entry is handled by your AU through BUCS.
  • We really encourage clubs to consider engaging with this.  There are no BUCS points involved; it’s just an opportunity to play, and could really help with integrating your new players.  
  • We are making our own plans to support some competitive play in the University Mixed division.


University Indoor Regionals

  • The events we booked for UXIR on 30 Oct - 1 Nov have all been cancelled.  
  • We are in discussions with all of the venues we booked for 21-22 Nov (UMIR) and 28-29 Nov (UWIR).  Sadly, we do not expect any of those events to be possible.  Confirmation is likely to follow in the coming week or so.
  • For now, we will keep under review whether there is a viable alternative for offering the University Indoor Championships in some other format, or perhaps in early 2021.  In the meantime we encourage clubs to focus their attention on playing outdoors.


We are working on some university club FAQs to be released this month.  

Do you need help making contact with club players in your area?  





Indoor Ultimate.  We have approached DCMS and sportscotland for guidance on how and when we could permit a return to training for indoor ultimate.  No timeline available yet but we are working on it.  Even when Indoor Ultimate is signed off, you can expect that UKU will continue to recommend training and playing outdoors, but we recognise that some clubs have good reasons for wanting to use indoor facilities.


We are still planning to move to Phase C on Tuesday 15th September, subject to final review in a UKU board meeting on the evening of Monday 14th.

  • There will be some minor updates to the documentation before the final Phase C Guidance is released, but these are mostly about integrating as much of the Scotland Appendix as possible.
  • Our understanding is that recent announcements in England, Scotland and Wales about reductions in size of gatherings are not applicable to organised sports.  So clubs following UK Ultimate Return-to-Play Guidance are not affected.
  • In simple terms, the main change moving Phase B -> Phase C is to allow some defending, but you should avoid all situations where players stand still for several seconds within 1 metre of each other, especially face to face.  So “disc width” becomes 1 metre, there is no stall count, and there are adjustments for managing foul calls and discussions.  You MUST check the details in the guidance.


We are currently planning to move to Phase D on Mon 12th October. 

  • We will probably require clubs to go through a small number of Phase B/C training sessions before they are permitted to move to D.  This is about making sure everyone has had some opportunity to adjust to being at training with social-distancing arrangements before moving to something closer to normal play.
  • We also note this quote from Josh Briggs at Clapham: Phase B “makes sense as a way to build people back into the game as you can't go too hard and risk injury.”  


We are still collecting club training feedback if you missed it.

  • We have created a Covid-Officer online discussion forum where we hope to encourage more direct information-sharing between clubs.  You can ask to sign your club officer up to the group by completing the club feedback survey


One theme in the feedback so far was a request for ideas of things to do.

  • Huge thanks to Flik for creating this page to help out: some of the information is available to anyone; some of the details are only available to subscribers. 
  • We created this Ultimate Activities scrapbook of drills and games to help with ideas for coaching Ultimate to younger players, but actually there are quite a few ideas in here that are relevant to the current limitations.


And finally, huge thanks to Dr Kenny Duffy, UKU Medical Adviser for his substantial help and advice in guiding our return-to-play plans and guidance.