Return to Play Update - 15th July

As of Monday, there are various changes across the UK in the level of restrictions. 


Whilst we continue to see the further easing of restrictions, we remind all of our players to 


Everyone will have their own pace at which to navigate through the current situation, so please be considerate of that. Not everyone will be ready to high-five or huddle in a spirit circle, whilst others may be ready for closer contact with friends.


We want to remind everyone of the UKU membership Code of Conduct, and we ask that everyone is patient whilst things still return to normal. Please respect your team-mates and opponents; abuse will not be tolerated. 


Please bear with us as we try to update all of the relevant guidance and await further clarification. The infographic has been updated (see further information below), however, it may take us some time to amend all of the appendices. 


Update to Phase E

With the changes to restrictions and a review of our Return-to-Play framework, we have revised Phase E to more accurately reflect the current situation. 


We realise that Phase D appropriately covers the return of competitive Ultimate at all levels, whilst adaptations are still in place, due to the way that organised sport was defined. Whereas Phase E will now show the removal of on-field adaptations whilst highlighting the continued presence of Covid-19 and the considerations that teams and players will need to remain mindful of. 


In terms of Ultimate events, there remains to be varying levels of regulations across the UK for what is permitted. We are waiting for more clarity about the likely responsibilities and expectations that will fall on event organisers, as such, the only event that UKU will be directly organising in August is UKU Nationals. 


The updated infographic can be found HERE



We are currently awaiting further clarification from DCMS and Sport England on the exact guidance for sport in England. However, our current understanding is that from Monday 19 July:

  • All adaptations of the sport will no longer be required - this means that you will be able to re-introduce the on-field stall count and England will move to the updated Phase E
  • There will be no restrictions on the number of participants, both indoors and outdoors 
  • Clubs will not be required to collect Track and Trace data and retain this for 21 days
  • There will be no restrictions on domestic travel e.g. car sharing

It is possible that the published guidance will provide clarification on some of the above and/or outline other requirements. We will update the website once we receive further information. 


Northern Ireland

The most recent update we have is from 1 July:

  • From 2 July, the cap on outdoor gatherings was removed and the maximum number of participants is determined by the venue
  • From 5 July all gatherings, indoors and outdoors (not including domestic settings) will now only be subject to a risk assessment if they have more than 15 participants for indoors, or more than 30 participants for outdoors
  • Track and trace continues to be a requirement for clubs, and car-sharing is still being actively discouraged

With “all outdoor sport” being permitted, we can also confirm that N.Ireland can re-introduce on the on-field stall count and will move to the updated Phase E.


An indicative date of 26 July has been set to remove the legal requirement for social distancing outdoors. We will continue to monitor Sport N.I’s updates. 



As of Monday 19 July, all areas move to Level 0. 


Clubs will still be expected to adhere to social gathering limits off-pitch. However, the bubble size is now 500 participants. The full details of this can be found in Table A of sportscotland’s latest sport and physical activity guidance


Clubs in Scotland can re-introduce the on-field stall count and will move to the updated Phase E.


Full contact adult indoor sport is also permitted in Level 0.



It has recently been announced that Wales will complete the move to Level 1 on Saturday 17 July


As it stands, we understand this to mean the following:

  • No limit on participants outdoors
  • Groups up to 30 can play indoors
  • All reasonable measures must continue to be taken to reduce the risk of transmission

From Saturday 7 August, it is expected that Wales will complete the move to Level 0, meaning that:

  • No limit on participants indoors 

We are still awaiting further clarification on what Levels 1 and 0 mean for regulated activity, which includes organised sport. However, at this time, we understand that Wales will be able complete the move to Phase D on 17  July and competitive Ultimate will be permitted between clubs. Please note though that clubs must continue to follow the on-field adaptation requirements.


We will continue to monitor Sport Wales and the Welsh Government’s updates for any further clarifications.