Return to Play Update - 25th March

In light of UK Government advice updates published 24th March, we are updating our guidance for England as follows:

  • Phase C modified play will be permitted from Monday 29th March
  • Clarification on number of participants
Please read the full announcement here.  The Return to Play infographic will be updated on Monday 29th March to reflect the above changes. 

Phase C modified play

As of Monday 29th March, Phase C modified play will be permitted, alongside all the other relevant Return-to-Play guidance and regulations. 

We continue to recommend that clubs organise at least their first training session largely under Phase B restrictions, and take some time to transition gradually over 2-3 weeks.


Firstly, Ultimate is a tough game.  For most people, their bodies will benefit from taking some time to adjust.  

  • If you haven’t seen Jools Murray’s “Waking Up the Body” series on our facebook page, please take a look.  Jools warns that the 2nd and 3rd sessions may well pose more of an injury risk than the first.  The Phase B guidelines are of course all about reducing the risk of transmission.  But they also mean that training will involve a series of well-defined movement patterns, with no need for defensive, reactive movements.


Secondly, it is likely that you have club members with a wide variation in terms of recent experiences of being in groups and having contact with other people.  Feedback from our recent International Women’s Day online discussion made this point really clearly.

  • "Across the population, there are varying levels of precaution regarding the coronavirus. For some, Phase B might be the level at which they wish to play, yet for others they may wish to return at Phase D. In order to be inclusive, clubs may need to have alternative practice options or multiple sessions to accommodate the different approaches and precautions taken by their members."
Whatever you decide to do, please take it easy!  After all this time, you do not want to pick up an injury in your first couple of weeks back. 



Clarification on number of participants

We are aware that there was some confusion on this point following our announcement on 10th March.
For "organised sport" in England there is no specific limit on the number of participants that are involved, but social distancing is required when not actively participating.  The government guidance specifically states “Social interaction before and after playing any sport should only take place outdoors, and in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to 6 people or two households”. Covid Officers / Club committees are therefore left with some responsibility for managing sessions with a relatively large number of participants.  Our strong recommendation is that for group sizes of more than approximately 30 people, the group is split up into bubbles that essentially do not mix before, after or during the session.