Return to Play Update - 25th Sept

We thought it might be useful to provide a short update relating to some of the government announcements this week.


  • Outdoor “organised sport” is not affected in general.  Organised clubs following approved UKU guidance are able to continue as before.  We are in Phase C.  We recommend that you make sure your club details are up to date on the UKU membership system.
  • Clubs and players in England may find this information on the Sport England website useful.
  • We note the change on rules regarding car sharing in Scotland.
  • We have been asked if any of the government contact tracing apps can be a replacement for the Attendance Tracking forms/systems clubs have put in place.  Our understanding at this time is “NO”, but if we are advised otherwise, we will of course provide an update.
  • Indoor team sports (for adults) in England are now subject to the rule of 6, and we do not expect any signoff for adult ultimate-based activity indoors in England.  We do not have any information about how, why or when this might change.  Irrespective of this change in England, please remember that we do not have sign off for any indoor ultimate in the UK at the moment, although we continue to work on this question with the relevant authorities.



Thanks for clubs that provided feedback regarding their training so far.  We will publish a summary of that feedback, and will be updating our feedback/reporting form soon.  

For club covid-officers or committee members we have a covid officer google group that you can request to join here