Return to Play Update - 9th July

There are clearly major changes coming with respect to how we interact with each other and the virus.  We are expecting some guidance from Sport England about how that affects team sports like Ultimate, and we will do our best to publish that as soon as we can.  In the meantime, we appreciate your patience, and would like to take this moment to remind everyone to stick with the current Return-To-Play rules.  We are aware that some of it is tedious, and that some people may query the practical value of some of the requirements.  Nonetheless, for now we ask that you stick with it - keep an eye on rotating/cleaning the discs, avoid stall-counting in someone else’s face and keep up with the track and trace attendance logging, etc, etc.  Thanks!

We have decided to stop asking people to complete training surveys.  Thank you to everyone that has kept up with those - it has been really helpful to have some visibility of the level of play that was happening around the country.   

We do want to remind everyone that we still expect clubs to complete this incident report form if their club is affected by a positive test please.