Return-to-Play Update, USAU Skills Challenge & Save Our Sports Campaign - 5th November

Return-to-Play Update

Following the government’s announcement on Saturday 31st October of the new set of national restrictions to be imposed in England, we would like to clarify what this means for playing Ultimate around the UK.  This announcement includes

  • Return to Play information by region
  • USA Ultimate Skills Challenge
  • Save our Sports Campaign

We have also updated the Phased Return to Play Infographic.


In England, from Thursday 5th November, all areas are restricted to PHASE A. This is in addition to the government guidelines that this is only permitted with the people you live with, your support bubble, or if on your own with one person from another household. These changes also apply to University Ultimate.


Schools, however, are permitted to continue to play in PE lessons. Although this is still in reference to the previous guidance issued on this and the advice from AfPE about indoor PE lessons. If you have any queries on this, please contact


In Scotland, the Scottish Government has confirmed their new framework which is in implementation as of Monday 2 November. Below is a summary of what this framework means for the sport and leisure sector:

  • Level 0: All sporting activity permitted, with some general restrictions, such as the wearing of face masks, physical distancing etc.
  • Level 1: No adult (18+) indoor contact sport.
  • Level 2: Same as level 1.
  • Level 3: No adult (18+) indoor non-contact group sport / exercise or adult (18+) indoor contact sport. No outdoor adult (18+) contact sport.
  • Level 4: Indoor sports facilities closed. No outdoor contact sport allowed for any age. 
  • Children and Young People are grouped together as under 18s. Previously over 12s were grouped with adults.

As part of this, there have also been some updates on the approved travel guidance for sport and physical activity, this is now up on the Scottish Government website.


However, it remains that:

  • For Levels 0 - 2, areas remain in Phase D, but check details for indoor ultimate.
  • In Level 3 and Level 4 - where only “non contact team sports” are permitted - that means Phase B. 


A table showing the Sport & Physical Activity Protection Levels in Scotland can be found here: [page 3]


For both Wales and Northern Ireland, our understanding is that no updates have been made.


We reiterate our general position that clubs and members must take responsibility for understanding and interpreting the implications of local restrictions.  If in doubt please contact UK Ultimate or use the Covid Officer email forum.


We also remind all active or recently-active clubs to please complete the short survey regarding their training status for October. This will help us to judge the extent of activity around the country as the situation has evolved. In addition, there is the Covid-19 Incident Report Form to help us monitor the ongoing Return-to-Play. We kindly ask that you complete this if your club has been affected by a positive test result (link below)


<< Ultimate club training under UKU covid guidance data submission form >>

<< Covid-19 Incident Report Form >>


USAU Skills Challenge

Another lockdown doesn’t mean you have to stop throwing though! USA Ultimate has introduced a new Skills Challenge.


It provides a way for players to have fun, whilst developing their ultimate skills and connecting with their local community and beyond. Choose from a variety of challenges that focus on throwing, catching, athleticism and even some cool disc tricks. 


Through the USA Ultimate mobile app, you can track your personal performance in each skill, and if you’d like, you can opt in to the leaderboard to see how you, your friends, teammates and others in the community stack up. 


Check it out here:


Save Our Sports Campaign

The UK’s sport and physical activity sector has joined forces to launch a new campaign called Save Our Sports, urging the Government to save grassroots sport, fitness and leisure facilities from permanent closure due to COVID-19.


We rely on sport and leisure facilities to run our events and for clubs to run training sessions. Indirectly, the impact that closures of facilities would have on playing opportunities could be huge, so if you are interested in the campaign, find out more about the initiative and sign their petition here: