Social Media Boycott

UKU will join other British sporting organizations in boycotting social media from 15:00 BST on Friday 30 to 23:59 on Monday May 3, in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players, particularly in football, and many others connected to sport. 


We stand in solidarity with those who have been affected by this online abuse and call on social media companies to do more to eradicate hate online.


We understand that clubs in the ultimate community may follow suit and we want to make it clear that we understand that in ultimate, social media is often used for internal communications and organisation of games and training. While no club has to take part in this boycott, we encourage clubs to take a break from posting on their external social channels in solidarity with the blackout. However, clubs should feel comfortable in continuing to post in groups internally for organisation purposes. Good internal communication about playing and training plans is particularly important at the moment for obvious reasons.


Boycott action from UKU and other organisations in isolation will, of course, not eradicate online discriminatory abuse, but it will demonstrate that sport is willing to take voluntary and proactive steps in this continued fight.