Tour 0: How will it work?

In 2007 we are trying the new concept of a qualification/ranking tournament for the Open Tour - the so-called "Tour 0". This was put in place following a lot of feedback about the pros and cons of the split season, etc. and has largely been met with approval so far.

This tournament will be held in Bristol and you can find more details here .

A number of questions have been raised about how Tour 0 will work in the context of the seeding, but also in terms of the application of Tour Rules. Hopefully these questions are answered below. If not - please ask.

1. Where possible, the seeding for Tour 0 will be taken from the results of Nationals 2006

2. Results from Tour 0 will be used to seed/rank teams for Tour 1. If you do not attend Tour 0 you will start in the B Tour.

3. The Top 4 (* see below) teams from Nationals 2006 are not allowed to enter Tour 0. In 2007, this means that Clapham, Fire, Fusion and Chevron are not invited, and not able to attend. Playes from those teams are not permitted to play as guests on other teams.

4. There will be no written restriction regarding 2nd teams. For most teams the rules are the same as for all Tour events. Spirit of the Game extends extends to eligibility rules as well as playing! The top clubs will select appropriate 2nd teams for Tour 0 "as if their 1st team were in attendance".

5. WFDF Rules of ultimate. All outdoor UKUA events this year will be played under the WFDF rules in force at the time of the tournament. We expect the new rules to be ratified before Tour 0. If that does not happen, we will play under the current rules until the new rules are in place.

6. Kit rules. Tour kit rules will NOT be enforced at Tour 0 because we have received feedback that some clubs will not have their new kit in time. Teams in this situation WILL still be expected to play in tops that are all matching in colour. Anyone can find 20 white t-shirts if they need to. Please think it through and plan ahead.

7. There will be NO "Tour Event" at Tour 0 for the women's division. There may well be a women's division running alongside Tour 0 - but this will not attract tour points, nor be used as an official means to rank/seed teams for Women's Tour 1.


* Why Top 4?

This was a difficult question - and attendees of the conference were given an opportunity to discuss this topic prior to a final decision. Some of the main points that led to the decision to do top 4:

  • It seemed that anything other than 4/5 or 8/9 as the dividing line was going to seem really arbitrary (even more so than 4/5 or 8/9).
  • It was felt that there was movement in the 5-12 group still - indeed there was quite a bit in 2006 over the course of the three tour events.
  • The reduction to 3 tour events was primarily pushed by the really top teams who spend more time playing abroad. (This is clearly a generalisation.) Furthermore, it was noted that we have had feedback from quite a few players and teams in the A tour that would still prefer 4 tour events.
  • It was felt that it was a good opportunity for teams in the 5-12 bracket to have the chance to play in a big final with a big audience as this is a good learning opportunity that isn't normally available - the hope being this would make those teams stronger and improve their chances of breaking into the top 4.

All of these points are clearly debatable. It is clear that we will need to consult with teams on their experiences of 2007 when deciding how to approach 2008.