U17 and U14 Indoor Nationals gets bigger and better

Last weekend saw 24 teams compete in the U17 (year 11 and below) division and a further 15 teams competed in the U14 (year 8 and below) division. It was great to see a record number of young players competing, and as usual, the standard is improving year on year. Winners in both divisions come from Devon: congratulations to Exeter's Airbadgers (u17) and also Plymouth's Devonport High School for Boys (u14) who were playing their first ever tournament!  Great Spirit was on show throughout.  In particular, both semi finals in the U17 divisions went to sudden death or had a contentious (but amicable) ending with a debate about whether it should go into sudden death. Well done to everyone that played and huge thanks to teachers, coaches, parents and everyone else behind the scenes that makes tournaments like this possible. Many thanks to Andy Vaughan for the organising, Ali Darren for results and timing, Kev Lowe for scheduling, and everyone else that plays a huge part in making these events go smoothly. Well done to Airbadgers 1 for 'doing the double' by winning the tournament and winning spirit. Congratulations to Olly Slee for MVP of the final. 

U17 Results

1    AirBadgers 1 (National Champions and Winners of Spirit of the Game)
2    Evolution 1
3    Flux 1
4    Arctic 1
5    Airbadgers 2
6    Arctic 2
7    Airbadgers 3
8    Manor 1
9    Ocelots 1 (Plate winners)
10    Arctic 3
11    Evolution 2
12    Tekkers
13    Rice Frisbees
14    Flux 2
15    Airbadgers 4
16    Manor 2
17    Evolution 3 (Spoon winners)
18    Arctic 4
19    Airbadgers 6
20    Flux 3
21    Airbadgers 5
22    Ocelots 2
23    Boston Spa
24    Arctic girls

U14 results

1    DHSB (National Champions) - Devonport High School for Boys
2    Badgers A
3    Flux A
4    Tekkers A (Spirit of the Game)
5    Badgers B
6    Arctic A
7    Ocelots A
8    Flux B
9    Flux C (Plate winners)
10    Tekkers B
11    Arctic B
12    Badgers C
13    Evolution A
14    St Pauls B
15    St Pauls A