UKU Board Elections 2021

UK Ultimate board positions are held for three years and resignations are done on a rolling basis. We are currently inviting applications for the following positions: 

Director of Safeguarding

University Ultimate Coordinator

2x Without Portfolio Position

(read on for more details)

The University Ultimate Coordinator and Without Portfolio Positions are due for re-election as part of the normal UKU Board rotation. Tom Daly (University Ultimate Coordinator) is not intending to restand for his role.  In addition to this Joe Wyatt (Director of Junior Ultimate/Director of Safeguarding, see below) is also standing down after 8 years on the board. We’d like to thank them for all the time, effort and expertise they have brought to the board during their terms. 


We invite any interested UKU members to put themselves forward for election for one of the board positions.

About the roles

University Coordinator

The Uni-Coordinator is responsible for University Competitions and promotion of student ultimate.  The role involves chairing the Uni Coordinators Committee, working with UKU staff and volunteers to support the running of the UKU University competitions and answering queries from student players.

You do not need to be a student to fill this position, however knowledge and experience of University Ultimate in the UK will be helpful to anyone interested in the role.


Director for Safeguarding

The priorities and activities for the Director for Junior Ultimate have changed over the last 10-15 years and we are changing this role to Director for Safeguarding, incorporating leadership for adult safeguarding in addition to the safeguarding of young people that are involved in our sport.  


Clearly a good knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues and good practice is essential for this role.  Ideally, this person would also become one of the UKU Safeguarding Officers.


Without Portfolio

“Without portfolio" positions on the board are present to provide specific skills, knowledge or experience to the board. In this role we are looking for an individual who can help us connect to other NGB’s, has a good understanding of the wider sporting landscape in the UK and experience of developing commercial partnerships.

All Roles

In addition to the specific responsibilities above all board members are expected to:

  • Have regular access to email/internet and read email at least once a week (other than during planned absence). Weekly email volume is less than one hour – but does increase around Board meetings
  • Attend Board conference calls (approx 6 calls per year) plus one face-to-face meeting and respond to correspondence within 5 working days
  • Read all emails posted on UKU Ltd Board googlegroup
  • Scrutinise board papers
  • Contribute to board discussions
  • Providing guidance on new initiatives

It really is very desirable that the board is made up of a diverse collection of our members so we would strongly encourage anyone interested in standing for board roles (either now or in the future) to get in touch with us to discuss it. If you know any of the current board members then please reach out to them or email Si (

If you would like to stand for any of these positions please

1. review this page for more information about the board roles

2. email your contact details, a short "manifesto" and picture (headshot) to by Friday 30th April.

Please contact Chris Bamford or one of the other board members if you have any questions.


Once the deadline has passed an online election will be run allowing UKU members to vote for board candidates electronically.