UKU Junior Indoor Nationals 2012-13

2-3 March (Wolverhampton) saw 28 teams compete in the junior indoor championships. Airbadgers managed to win for the 4th time in 5 years with Arctic pushing them close in the final. MVP of the final was Eddie Roberts from Badgers, and Spirit was won by Ocelots 1 who also won the Plate. Spoon (17th) was won by Flux 3. Well done to everyone that competed and huge thanks to all coaches, teachers and parents who give up so much time to bring so many juniors to these tournaments. In particular we'd like to thank Andy Vaughan, Ali Darren and Kev Lowe for their work organising and running the event.

Full results:
1st Airbadgers 1 (Exeter)
2nd Arctic 1 (Sutton Coldfield)
3rd Flux 1 (Leicester)
4th Evolution 1 (Warwick)
5th Boomtown (Kent)
6th Stags 1 (Maidenhead)
7th Arctic 2 (Sutton Coldfield)
8th Airbadgers 2 (Exeter)
9th Ocelots 1 (Malpas, Cheshire)
10th Rice Frisbees 1 (Mill Hill, London)
11th Flux 2 (Leicester)
12th NC Reborn (Northallerton)
13th Airbadgers 3 (Exeter)
14th Evolution 2 (Warwick)
15th Arctic 3 (Sutton Coldfield)
16th Southern Tekkers 1 (Gosport)
17th Flux 3 (Leicester)
18th Arctic 4 (Sutton Coldfield)
19th Arctic Girls (Sutton Coldfield)
20th Airbadgers 4 (Exeter)
21st Southern Tekkers 2 (Gosport)
22nd Flux 4 (Leicester)
23rd Stags 2 (Maidenhead)
24th Rice Frisbees 3 (Mill Hill, London)
25th Rice Frisbees 2 (Mill Hill, London)
26th Ocelots 2 (Malpas, Cheshire)
27th Evolution 3 (Warwick)
28th Stags 3 (Maidenhead)