UKU Nationals 2010

The 2010 UKU National Championships were held in Southampton on 21-22 August. The finalists in both divisions were as expected, with the titles won by Clapham and LeedsLeedsLeeds.

Clapham maintained their grip on the Open title, winning for the 9th consecutive year by dominating Chevron Action Flash in the final 15-5.

LeedsLeedsLeeds faced Iceni in the Women's final, with the result somewhat of an upset. LLLeeds managed to win the title on a sudden death point, continuing their recent run of besting their rivals after a long period of finishing second.

The Open tournament featured only 16 teams following the Regional championships, with the seedings determined on how teams performed in Tour. As Nationals was also a qualifier for the European Championships in Barcelona in October, there were extra qualification games. The Womens' tournament featured 11 teams, while also acting as a qualifier for Barcelona.


The road to the Open semi-finalsJustin Foord takes a point over Tom Cartwright

Clapham dominated their opponents on their way to the semi-finals, easily defeating Strange Blue (15-2) and Tooting Tigers (15-5). In the semi-final they met local rivals Fire, who beat Limited Release (15-3) and Devon (15-6) to earn their berth. In the semi-final Clapham took an 8-5 lead to half and managed to maintain that lead, winning the match 15-11. Chevron endured a slightly more difficult road. They beat The Brown (15-7) and topped EMO (15-9). In the semi they met Fusion, who had upset Brighton (15-8) after easily beating Burro Electrico (15-5) in their first game. Fusion came out strongly but tailed off towards half, with Chevron leading 8-6 at that point. Chevron turned on the jets and pulled away, winning 15-10 in the end.


Clapham dominate Open final

The final was expected to be a better spectacle than other games between the two teams, but it was a disappointment on that front. Clapham took advantage of some early Chevron errors, taking a quick lead. Chevron heads seemed to drop after that, and Clapham took half 8-2. It became no easier for Chevron after half, with Clapham scoring seemingly at will and winning the final 15-5. Fusion lost to Fire in the third place game, 15-13, meaning that in the European qualifiers Fire would play 6th place (Devon) and Fusion would play 5th place (Brighton). Both qualifiers ended in the same result, 15-12, to the higher seeded teams, Fire and Fusion. The Brown won the Spirit of the Game award.


Womens' draw provides few surprises

Iceni dominated the competition on their way to the final, winning three games while conceding only eight points. LeedsLeedsLeeds were similarly dominant, conceding only 17 points in four games on their way to face Iceni. The final was a thrilling game, with Iceni in the early ascendency. They took half 8-5, and were 14-11 up in a game to 15. LLLeeds called a timeout and began to play a strong zone. They pulled Iceni back, and eventually brought the game a sudden death decider. The zone forced a quick Iceni turnover and LLLeeds took full advantage, throwing it to the endzone for Sophie Watson to take a high, contested catch and win the national championship. Dirty Olive overcame Nice Bristols (15-4) to finished 3rd, while SWIFT beat ISO easily (15-6) to claim 5th place. Brighton managed to defeat Crown Jewels to secure 7th. BAF won the Spirit of the Game award.


Full open results can be found here, with full Womens' results here

The title games can be seen here.

Nationals photos courtesy of Andrew Moss