UKU Nationals & EUCR-West 2008

This weekend saw the UKU Nationals & EUCR-West qualification event take place in London. 32 open teams and 14 women's teams competed for the opportunity to qualify for the finals in Paris. With the usual British suspects and entrants from Belgium and Holland fighting it out, the stage was set for two days of top level Ultimate. 


Friday night saw a torrential downpour take place, which threatened to submerge the pitches but the hard work of the groundstaff and a reasonably settled weekend's weather allowed the qualification schedule to take place without change. Despite the frequent showers and blustery wind, a good standard of Ultimate was seen across the sixteen pitches and by sunday it was clear just how close run the final results would be. 


In the Women's division, Iceni and Leeds battled out a tough final, with Iceni retaining the trophy from last year. However the real drama was in the 3/4 place play off game. With three teams qualifying from this division, the winners of this game would join the finalists in qualifying for Paris. In a tight game and after a tough weekend's Ultimate, Primavera edged out Nice Bristols in a very close contest to take the final spot. 


In the Open division, the top four teams would qualify and this came down to an all British affair with Fire playing Brighton and Fusion playing EMO for the last two places. Both Fusion and Fire won their games to claim their spots at EUCF while Clapham and Chevron faced each other in the final, already assured of qualification. In a game that everyone exepected to be very tight, Clapham pulled away early on and ended up winning 15-8.


So a great weekend's Ultimate, despite the weather's best attempts to wash it out, and in the end we saw the tough battle for EUCF qualification that we hoped for. Congratulations to all the teams who made it and good luck in the finals themselves, which take place in Paris in late October and early November.  Many thanks to all the teams who participated and we hope to see you again next year. Well done to Limited Release 2 and Crown Jewels who won the Open and Women's Spirit awards respectively.


Good luck to all the teams at EUCF.