Update to government guidance re outdoor activity - 4th June

Government guidance about outdoor activity has changed in all four home nations since our last update on 13th May.  To be absolutely clear, the changes do not permit team sports like Ultimate due to the close contact between participants.  Announcements on 30th May that referred to “competitive sport” were applicable only to a very specific definition of “elite athlete” and do not affect Ultimate.


You will be aware that the changes generally have in common some increased flexibility regarding the number of individuals from different households that can meet outdoors, provided they continue to follow social-distancing guidelines.  The rules vary in different parts of the UK, and it seems likely that the trend towards local or regional variation will continue.  For this reason, this announcement will not attempt to list out all of those variations.  You must take personal responsibility for understanding the general guidance to the public as it applies to your location and your personal circumstances.


In England, there has been some relaxation on the question of sharing equipment for passing a ball (or disc).  However, UK Ultimate’s position on this specific question remains the same, and is consistent for the whole UK.  If you want to meet for disc-based exercise, our advice remains that each person brings their own disc and has contact with only that disc for the duration of the exercise, focussing on just throwing, and avoiding contact with other people’s discs through catching, or picking them up.


If you decide to play some disc golf, please be aware of the comments we made previously:

1. Your UKU membership does provide liability insurance for playing flying disc games other than ultimate - essentially as a form of practice for Ultimate - although this does not extend to formal, organised competition in those other sports.  

2. We asked for some advice from the British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) as well and they kindly pointed us at this post.  Please take particular note of their comments relating to safety and parks being busier than usual.