World Junior and European Under 17s Championships

Last month saw 28 countries, 47 teams with 1100 players competing at a tournament in Dublin, Ireland. The tournament was a joint event with the WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships and the European Youth (under 17s) Ultimate Championships.

For those who didn't watch the drama unfold online, this tournament had it all. Great plays, trees* falling on players, more rain than a rain forest, suspended games, more happy faces than a packet of McCain smiles.... the spirit was unquestionably great, the athletes where as dedicated as we've come to expect from our elite. Despite the problems that plagued the tournament, the volunteers and tournament directors did a fantastic job. Their only wish was for everyone to leave happy - with memories that will last a life time. I believe I speak for the whole of the Great Britain squad who attended when I say; job well done.

GB had over 100 athletes and staff at this event. A special mention must go to all of the UK Ultimate volunteers who make this happen, year in and year out. I know you had fun! But I also know it's hard work. Without you we wouldn't be able to consistently compete every year at these events. 

Here are the results from both the tournaments.

GB Under 17s Girl - Silver! 
GB Under 17s Boys - 5th
GB Junior Open - 6th
GB Junior Women - 10th

*luckily no one was seriously hurt when the tree fell - a branch broke away from the tree and landed on some people who where hiding from the wind/rain. GB casualties include only 1 lost radio.