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UKU Open & Women's Tour 2 - Schedule Update

The Cardiff schedule is now confirmed for the weekend.


The Salford schedule has been completely rewritten due to dropping from 13 teams to 12. The pools have changed, your start times have potentially changed - it's a wholly new schedule. If you based your plans on the previous draft, then that is unfortunate - you were specifically told not to do so for exactly this contingency!


Once again, the Salford schedule will probably have to remain as a draft until at least this evening, as it's entirely possible we've made errors in the new version. Please do help to check for any mistakes. The link remains the same as before.


Cardiff Schedule:

Cardiff info can be found on the event website:

Salford Schedule:

Salford Info Pack: (or as pdf on event page)

UKU Regionals 2017 - Entry Now Open!

We can now confirm that Regionals, being held on the weekend of 29th-30th July, will be held at Salford Sports Village for the North, and at Edenbridge RFC for the South, and entry for these tournaments is now open. These are the same venues that are being used for both B-Tour North and B-Tour South.

Teams need to enter using the
UKU Entry Form and the deadline for both team entry and payment is Wednesday 5th July

Open and Womens Tour 1 Highlight Videos

Last weekend Open and Womens Tour 1 took place at Nottingham Windfarm and was the first of four events being livestreamed by fanseat this season.

You can watch all the games covered by fanseat on their website or you can check out the highlights of eachdays play.

Day 1: 



Happy International Women’s Day!

Here at the UKU Women’s Committee we’ve been working hard to create and promote ways to get more women playing. Today we are launching a project designed to do just this, introducing...

The UKU Women's Find A Team initiative!

This is a new initiative by the UKU to match players to women's teams, or to match players with each other to form new club teams. The aim is to promote the development of Women’s Ultimate in the UK and raise awareness of playing opportunities available across the country.

UKU Level 2 Coaching Course - 4th November - LIVERPOOL

We're excited to announce another opportunity to start your UKU L2 Coaching Award on 4th November in Liverpool.

Also look out for a number of UKU L1 courses that will be running towards the second half of the year in different locations around the UK.

Upcoming Ultimate on Fanseat

Following their coverage of Tour 1 (check out highlights here) Fanseat are continuing to cover a wide range this summer, with a live streams of the WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, in association with BULA.

Over 100 games will be streamed live on Fanseat - - from the 18th to the 24th of June. Live streaming will cover matches on pitch 1, 2 and 3 with an English commentary.  

UKU Open Tour 3 - Team/Venue Allocation

With thanks to all teams for letting us know their preferences, we can now release the details of who will play where at Open Tour 3 in Birmingham and Edenbridge.