Safeguarding Children and Young People

"Playing, coaching and participating safely"


UK Ultimate, as the national governing body of Ultimate in the UK recognises that is has a responsibility towards creating and maintaining a culture that protects children and young people from abuse, within and outside the Ultimate community. To this end, UK Ultimate has created a safeguarding policy that will help support clubs who have children and young people involved, playing Ultimate. The UKU Safeguarding Committee has recently produced a Safeguarding Pack, which includes a number of starting-point documents.


The policy is designed to act as a framework of action to support a culture of safeguarding. UK Ultimate has created a "safeguarding pack" for clubs to download and read. We recommend that clubs adopt this as their safeguarding policy, although they are free to adopt their own if the club committee has appropriate expertise.  As a governing body, UK Ultimate wishes to encourage autonomy with all Ultimate clubs. It is understood that each club will have a different approach to how they are run and there is no desire to force a specific structure on club committees. However, when adopting the Safeguarding Policy a club is agreeing to adhere to those stated principles of best practice. This is because the welfare of the children and young people must remain paramount, and it is this principle that will define a culture of good and best practice.


The policy outlines "best practice" which defines a minimum standard for how a club and its members should handle having children and young people involved in Ultimate. However, safeguarding goes much further than just adopting the policy from the website. UK Ultimate understand that fulfilling the requirements and gaining the knowledge & training needed to be responsible for young people can seem like an insurmountable task to get started. As such, we have created a guidance document that explains the policy in accessible language and with understandable and achievable steps.


If you have any questions please contact UK Ultimate via email (


We recommend that a committee member of a club who wants to take on the role of Safeguarding or Designated member/officer does a 3 hour Safeguarding Children in Sport course. This can be done with the NSPCC online or done in person with UK Coaching.


If you require a DBS check, please download the UK Ultimate Safeguarding documentation folder and complete the self-disclosure form.


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