Ultimatum was the annual magazine for Ultimate in the UK.

Ultimatum 2014Ultimatum 2014

Featured content:
Setting up a draft league 

Felix Shardlow explains how to set up a draft league in your area

Womens Development

Hear about what's going on with Womens Ultimate in London

On Trial

So you’ve decided to try out for an Ultimate team. What now?


Ultimatum 2013Ultimatum 2013

Featured content:
All Over the Worlds
An incredible number of people came together to raise over $15,000 to enable online video coverage of the World Games

The Eighth Man
The importance of being involved on the sideline

Burnt Fingers: The Fire Story
Captaining a team in flux and the value of proper goal setting


Ultimatum 2012Ultimatum 2012

Featured content:
Talking to the boss - The Marc "Britney" Guilbert interview
Hear from the leader of the UK's most successful GB Open team ever

Ultimate and the Olympics
The WFDF President, Robert Rauch, shares his views on the inevitable question

Alumni Cup - The Tournament Report
Did you miss the new addition to the UKU calendar?


Ultimatum 2011Ultimatum 2011

Featured content:
•NextGen Ultimate Tour
GB's Ollie Gordon was selected as one of the best up-and-coming talents from around the world, to compete against top US Clubs. Read his story here!

•Bear Cavalry: Mixed Opinions
An (almost) all-alumni team storms Mixed Tour. What's their secret? We asked captain Dave Tyler...

•European Ultimate Championship (EUC) in Maribour, Slovenia
Coverage from the Open, Women's, Mixed and Master's Divisions... plus the complete Spectators' Guide!


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